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It’s been a few years since I (we) did a Triathlon, but I’ve been swimming and, I had thought, running a lot more than before, so I expected a significant improvement. Did I get it?

My last Tri (5 years ago!) was longer, so doesn’t compare directly. I’ll try some sort of normalization. Likewise, even my first triathlon, while closer in distances, wasn’t quite the same as this one. There’s some information to be found on comparing runs of different lengths, but not applicable for the small difference here (3mi versus 3.1mi). Likewise, the bike distances are close enough based on my level that a direct conversion seems acceptable.

It’s the swim were I’m not sure linear is appropriate. 800m versus 500m is an appreciable difference. I’m going to just make up a conversion factor of 15%. So converting the two previous results to match the current distances gives:

Times normalized to 500m/13.8mi/3mi
Event Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
2007 Couples Tri 13:18 3:52 51:21 2:02 34:28 1:45:01
2007 Brunet Tri Hard 13:13 3:52 48:01 2:02 32:51 1:40:20
2012 Jack’s Generic Tri 12:14 3:28 49:23 5:45 32:56 1:43:46

For the Burnet Tri, the T1 time was included with the swim time, so I’ve used the Couples Tri value as it was likely relatively similar. This may mean that the bike time wasn’t quite as good as represented here.

As anticipated, the swim is where I had the most improvement. I had hoped to do much better on the run, but I knew that I hadn’t as I ended up walking much of it due to being tired from the first two activities and from the heat.

The most telling piece of information to be garnered from this table? My T2 time sucked. I knew this at the time because I was futzing with my iPhone getting two different apps running and I decided to apply sunscreen.

The run sucked so much that I’ve lost my run motivation. Combined with the addition of Body Pump to my workout routine, I’m not sure I’ll be running much in the future. Oh, well.


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