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Moab, UT – Arches National Park

Ever since I started spending most of the summer in Colorado two years ago, I’ve been thinking I should take the opportunity to visit Moab. Additionally, given the relative proximity to SLC, I thought it might be a good way to meet up with my friend Marty. This year, I finally got around to broaching the subject with Marty and it turned out that he already had a plan to be in Moab one weekend with his daughter and I was welcome to join. Great! It also happened to be one of the weekends during Marci’s much shorter Colorado stay this year, so she was able to make the trip with me.

It was good to see Marty again (for the fourth time if my count is correct) and to meet his daughter. We had a nice dinner and then spent the morning at Arhces National Park. Below are some photo highlights.

Interesting cloud waves

Marci under Delicate Arch

Ren under Delicate Arch

Ren pushing Delicate Arch

Balanced (Balancing?) Rock

Double Arches


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Happy Birthday, Megan!

Today is the birthday of the wonderful @MsMegan (aka Finn). I’ve only had the opportunity to meet Megan in person once (Avitaween ’09), but I also had the pleasure of collaborating with her last spring on the weekly Diptych project. On top of that, she was the catalyst that got me to start my own photoblog (now languished after a year of daily(-ish) photos). She’s a wonderful and inspirational photographer and I’m thrilled to count her as a friend.

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GalveCon 2011

Yesterday, Wayne and I drove 4 hours each way to Galveston to spend the day hanging out with @queenofpink and @hellohahanarf. We had a great time even if the late night drive home was a bit of a struggle. (Actually, Wayne took over the driving halfway home, which was much better and probably much safer!)

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A Friend, A Shirt and A Slice

I was recently afforded an opportunity, during a long layover in Chicago, to head downtown and meet, for the first time, @kapgar. It’s difficult to believe that we hadn’t already met, but I’m glad we finally did.
Once we were together, our first order of business was a visit to the Rock Shock at the Hard Rock Cafe so I could add another shirt to my growing Hard Rock collection. Afterward, we wandered the Miracle Mile for a bit, making stops at the Apple and Lego stores.
Eventually, it was time for some sustenance and we happened to find ourselves a block away from one (well, two) of my favorite Chicago restaurants: Pizzeria Uno and Pizzeria Due. Yum!
It was a short meeting, but a good one. I look forward to another visit someday.
Totally Unrelated AsideA post about meeting Kevin wouldn’t be complete without a TUA, which makes this one not completely unrelated. Furthermore, the topic is the loading of the images included above, so I suppose this is really a TRA. Oh, well. On the flight from Chicago I decided to test whether it was possible to load pictures from the iPhone to the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit. I’m delighted to report that it worked beautifully, allowing me to include those images even though I don’t currently have any data access on my iPhone.

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Happy Birthday, Karen Sugerpants!

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Happy Birthday, NYC Watchdog!



Each Other

I’m so glad they have each other…Poppy & Dawg @ TC09



For the Puppy Monster…

for the Puppy Monster


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Happy Birthday, Marty!

Reba & Marty at TequilaCon 2009

And a happy belated birthday to Reba as well!



For the Puppy Monster


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