July Fitness Distance

13.65 miles Running, 8.38 miles Biking, 7.76 miles Swimming

Running: 13.65 miles
Biking: 8.38 miles
Swimming: 7.76 miles

I thought my motivation was low last month, but July’s laziness puts June to shame! One very short bike ride the entire month…

291.97 miles Biking, 184.78 miles Running, 81.03 miles Swimming

Cumulative for the year through July:

Biking: 291.97 miles
Running: 184.78 miles
Swimming: 81.03 miles

I’m optimistic for August, though I’ve officially switched from Nitro Swim to YMCA, primarily so that the kids can swim laps also and so that I can take the Body Pump class. It seems likely that with the addition of Body Pump, something else well see a reduction (though probably not from July’s level).

I came up with a new graph that better highlights July’s poor showing:

July is even lower than March, which had the wonderful excuse of a trip to New Zealand!

At least I managed to swim 1800 meters further in July than March, salvaging July from complete ignominy!

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