August Fitness Distance

80.28 miles Biking, 8.21 miles Swimming, 3.07 miles Running

Biking: 80.28 miles
Swimming: 8.21 miles
Running: 3.07 miles

The biggest news this month is that I hated the Run from the triathlon so much that I quit running after that. I’m thinking of starting up again this week, but I haven’t made a firm decision yet.

Also, the biking distance includes the RPM spin class I’ve been doing at the YMCA. Most of the workout is low resistance and high speed, so I get more miles than I would on the road. I’m still counting it. 🙂

372.25 miles Biking, 187.85 miles Running, 89.24 miles Swimming

Cumulative for the year through August:

Biking: 372.25 miles
Running: 187.85 miles
Swimming: 89.24 miles

Finally, here’s the updated combo graph from last month:



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