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Spring Break Ski Trip

We spent Spring Break skiing Copper Mountain with Travis and his two sons. Despite some minor injuries, we had a great time. Read on for my summary, journal-style. Also, in case my account is too long and boring to get through, I’ll point out that there’s a pretty cool 90-second video at the end of the post. Read the rest of this entry »


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Skiing and Tubing in Taos

McKenzie after her first snowboarding lesson:

Brittney & McKenzie snowtubing:

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Flashback Friday: Wooden Marble Machines

It’s been a few months since I’ve done a Flashback Friday, so I decided it was time. I found this from a couple of years ago and thought there might be some current readers that haven’t been exposed to the magic of Wooden Marble Machines.

A former co-worker sent me a link to a youtube video of binary adding machine made of wood and using marbles. I thought this was pretty cool. Then I went to the website referenced at the end of the video and found the very cool Marble Machine 2, including this video:

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Move Your Money

Do you have your money at a big bank? Move it!



Biking to Fredericksburg – Video

I finally got around to putting together the video I took during last month’s bike ride to Fredericksburg. Editing it finally pushed me past what I could do with iMovie ’08. ’09 might have done the trick, but I already had iMovie HD ’06 and knew from others’ comments that it might do the trick. It did.

YouTube link

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Outlaw Trail 100

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Travis and I did the 100K bike loop of the Outlaw Trail. It was a good ride with nice weather and “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!” afterward. The night before, my parents and my family went to the pre-ride pasta dinner. Little did we know that we would be the opening scene of the promo video. I also found an image of Travis and me at the starting line:

Travis and Ren at the start of the Outlaw Trail bike ride

Travis and Ren at the start of the Outlaw Trail bike ride

Next week, the Wurst Ride followed by Wurst Fest. Yum! They have a pretty cool interactive ride map, and they even let people embed it thusly:

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