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November Fitness Distance

Running: 10.11 miles
Body Pump: 4 hours

No swimming or biking this month, and not much else, either. I took a couple of days off when Marci was out of town, which led to a full week off followed by Thanksgiving week off. This was compounded by a twisted ankle that led to the rest of the month off.

The cumulative graphs aren’t really worth sharing this month. I hope to do a better job during December, though I’m not very optimistic. I’ve already skipped my Monday morning Body Pump.


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October Fitness Distance

Biking: 40.39 miles
Running: 40 miles
Body Pump: 8.75 hours
Swimming: 2.28 miles

New for this month, I’ve added my Body Pump classes to the graph. Since there’s no distance associated, I’m using hours. I’m not sure this is the best choice, but nothing else convenient came to mind. I have something different planned for the full year summary.

I managed to swim even less this month than last week’s low for the year. This month, my ramped up running added to Body Pump in squeezing swimming out of my schedule. Unless I ditch running as the weather cools off — which I’m not planning to do — I doubt swimming will make much of a comeback this year.

Speaking of “year”, here’s the cumulative graph:

For the year so far:

Biking: 448.65 miles
Running: 247.62 miles
Swimming: 94.76 miles
Body Pump: 18.75 hours

And here’s the new combo graph:

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September Fitness Distance

36.01 miles Biking, 19.77 miles Running, 3.24 miles Swimming

Biking: 36.01 miles
Running: 19.77 miles
Swimming: 3.24 miles

Abysmal showing for swimming; worst of the year by far, as shown by the combo chart at the bottom. Exact median for both biking and running. I clearly need to step things up for October. As with last month, most of the biking is RPM spin class at the YMCA.

The reduction in swimming distance is definitely attributable to Body Pump taking over its normal time slot. However, starting this week I’m switching one morning back to swimming. I’ll still try to swim in the afternoon on the other Body Pump days. Likewise, I’m going to attempt to attend an early evening Body Pump class on the day I swim in the morning.

Here’s the year so far:

408.26 miles Biking, 207.62 miles Running, 92.48 miles Swimming

Cumulative for the year through September:

Biking: 408.26 miles
Running: 207.62 miles
Swimming: 92.48 miles

And here’s the updated combo graph:

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