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Happy Birthday, Megan!

Today is the birthday of the wonderful @MsMegan (aka Finn). I’ve only had the opportunity to meet Megan in person once (Avitaween ’09), but I also had the pleasure of collaborating with her last spring on the weekly Diptych project. On top of that, she was the catalyst that got me to start my own photoblog (now languished after a year of daily(-ish) photos). She’s a wonderful and inspirational photographer and I’m thrilled to count her as a friend.


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Happy Birthday, NYC Watchdog!



Happy Birthday, Marty!

Reba & Marty at TequilaCon 2009

And a happy belated birthday to Reba as well!



Happy Birthday, Adam!

Go on over and wish him a Happy Birthday.



Happy Birthday, Britt!



When I’m 50…

When I’m 10 it’ll be like I’m an adult. That second digit will make all the difference.

Well, the second digit is cool and all, but I think I’ll keep playing with my toys, thank you!

When I’m 20 I’ll really be an adult. Except for the drinking age thing, obviously.

And finishing college. And taking on full responsibility for my life. Maybe later.

When I’m 30 I’ll be a full-on adult. I mean, it’ll be the year 2000 a few days later. A whole new world!

Sure, I’ve been married for six years, have a two-year-old and a six-month-old, but my favorite things to do are to play with my daughters. This 30 thing isn’t all that — I’m not really as adult as I expected.

When I’m 40 I’ll have dropped all pretense and embraced my adulthood.

Today is my 40th birthday. I have quite a few trappings of adulthood, it seems. But some of them don’t quite seem to fit right. The responsibilities are fine, it’s more the attitude that sometimes seems off. My children see it when I attempt to be stern and they catch me smirking. My wife sees it in moments of impish candor. My friends catch glimpses at times of relaxed glee. I’m sure my parents probably see it all the time, though I’m not sure their perspective is very reliable. 🙂

Adult or not, what I am most is happy. Happy to have the family I have (both immediate and extended). Happy to have the friends I have (both local and remote). Happy to have had the life I’ve had so far (both the adventures and the mundane).

I’m glad to say that it is already a Happy Birthday for me. And when I’m 50 — which is a startling number to even contemplate — and the father of two girls in their early 20s… never mind, I’m not going to think about that just now. 🙂



T minus…
… 6 weeks until 2010.
… 5 weeks until Christmas.
… 1 month until I turn 40.
… 3 weeks until our birthday trip to Vegas.
… 2 weeks until my dental check-up.
… 6 days until Thanksgiving.
… 2 days until I am the father of a 12-year-old daughter.
… 1 day until the weekend.

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Happy Birthday, Hilly!

hilly & ren

All hail Queen Snackiepoo! Have a great birthday, Hilly!

To all you citizens of the PRB, go give her some comment love!


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Happy Birthday, Rachel!

rachel in santa fe

Head on over to her birthday post to wish her a Happy Birthday!