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New Zealand Trip, Day 7: Taupo

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect for, a “Hot Springs Waterpark and Spa”. As it turns out, what it was, was exactly what we needed: a break. The Waterpark portion was pretty much a single tube slide, though decently long and whindy, and a water playscape for younger kids. The attraction is that these, along with several pools and a dozen or so private pools, were all quite warm from the hot spring. Marci and I also each took advantage of the Spa for massages. Mine was only so-so, but still nice after all the driving.

I also took the opportunity of a clear not to try and get some shots of the southern night sky. Im not sure any of my shots ended up with the Southern Cross as opposed to one of the other nearby crosses (they look different in the photo). At least the Milky Way is visible:



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New Zealand Trip, Day 2: Auckland


Monument to Sir John Logan Campbell atop One Tree Hill

After a morning of packing and traveling to get back to Auckland and our hotel for the night, we went back into town for a delicious late lunch at The Zookeeper’s Son pub and then headed to the Stardome Observatory for a 180° video presentation of Auckland’s night sky. It would also have included an actual telescope viewing were it not for the complete cloud cover.
While waiting for the show, I hiked up One Tree Hill for some panoramic, if rainy, views of Auckland.
Back at the observatory, we ended up watching two shows. The first was “Bad Astronomy” based on the web site of the same name (via the book). I was somewhat underwhelmed by it, but I think the kids enjoyed it. The second show was actually an interactive presentation and I found it to be interesting and enjoyable; the kids slept. 🙂

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Lunar Eclipse Tonight (February 20, 2008)

Tonight’s lunar eclipse will be total, which won’t happen again for nearly three years. Wikipedia has lots more information. (It’s listed as occurring February 21st since that’s when it does occur in GMT.)

Unfortunately, it looks like it will be cloudy here….