April Fitness Distance

40.75 miles Running, 20.98 miles Biking, 16.41 miles Swimming

Running: 40.75 miles
Biking: 20.98 miles
Swimming: 16.41 miles

Biking slacking continues. Conveniently, our long May ride has run into a conflict, so I no longer have a specific training target that I’m not meeting.

Cumulative for the year as of April:

Biking: 111.87 miles
Running:  99.81 miles
Swimming:  51.38 miles

Oh, look: I’ll hit 100 miles of running with this Thursday’s run. Checking the data, I see that I hit 50 miles of swimming last Friday. It was also my previous bike ride that took that over the century mark.

Running is on a steeper climb now that I’ve switched over from 5K training to 10K training. In fact, running might overtake Biking this week, though if I bike this weekend, it will be just a blip. Unless I bike tonight, which is vaguely scheduled but yet to be executed.


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