Missed it by *this* much

A circle is beautiful.

A circle is perfection.

Except when it is not a circle.

The Watch with its Activity Circles can be a harsh taskmaster. The Stand (blue) and Exercise (green) circles aren’t too bad: every week is a fresh opportunity with the previous week’s results no longer relevant. The Move (red) circle is the true master with multiple long term goals including perfect months and, my personal demon, longest streak.

During our Christmas trip to Jamaica, I managed to complete the move circle every day, and without arbitrarily reducing the goal. On the last day, I figured I would get plenty of walking in the various airports, so I didn’t make an extra effort to burn more calories in the morning. As I checked my progress throughout the day, things seemed okay. However, when we arrived back in Austin and got to our car, I was concerned by the number of calories I still needed and the limited amount of time left in the day (which ends promptly at midnight and isn’t particularly time zone friendly).


Not so itsy-bitsy

I expected to be home about 10 minutes before midnight with only about 10-15 calories left to the goal. This would not be a problem. Unless, of course, I were to be distracted by my daughters finding a fairly large spider had built a web by our front door. I took the time to take a picture and by the time I remembered the calorie goal, I only had about two minutes left. I didn’t make it, ending my 166 day stretch. As you can see above, I missed the goal by 2 calories.streak

I took the next day off and then began the slow march toward rebuilding the 166 day streak. I only made it to February 20 before another mishap, this time 6 calories short ending a mere 54-day streak.

Begin again. As of May 4th (May the forth be with you), I believe I am 74 days in, though I had to set a pretty low goal recently due to a mild illness in order to keep on track.

As I finish writing this, it occurs to me that it has drifted past midnight and I had neglected to verify completion. Thankfully, I had not yet increased my goal back up, so it was no problem (and I just now increased it back to a more reasonable goal).

Thank you. May I have another?

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