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New Zealand Trip, Day 9: Rotorua

(Day 8 was really part of the Day 7 update.)

After resting up in Taupo, we headed to nearby Rotorua for some adventurous activities. More accurately, for the kids to participate in some adventurous activities as none of the adults were in the mood. First up was a giant, crane-lifted swing. Really, a tame version of a bungee jump.

Next up, a skydiving simulator. It was pretty cool and I was nearly tempted to give it a go myself.

Finally, a much recommended ride in what I can best describe as a gerbil ball. Per strong recommendations, the girls chose to do the version with water, which allowed them to slide around inside the ball rather than tumble.

After we were done in Rotorua, we headed to Thames for our final night before flying home. On the way, we noticed a waterfall in the distance and then came across a turnoff with a sign indicating a short drive to the waterfall site. It turns out it wasn’t the waterfall site itself, but rather a trailhead for a long hike to the waterfall. We decided to venture a ways down the trail despite not having the time or inclination for the entire hike. We hiked as far as a bridge over the downstream creek, which was a very nice spot.

Closest view we got, from the parking lot

View from the same spot; yay for zoom lens!

Unfortunately, McKenzie had a rough bout of what we expect was food poisoning that night right through to boarding our flight home. Thankfully, this hit at the end of our trip and she was vaguely okay on the plane other than basically not eating for probably a full day or more.

Good bye, New Zealand!


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