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New Zealand Trip, Day 1: Waiheke Island

Technically, three days. The girls and I left Austin Thursday night and landed in Auckland at 10 AM on Saturday. Marci and my parents were already in Sydney and arrived in Auckland Friday evening.
Waiheke Island is a ferry ride from Auckland and Marci was kind enough to ride the ferry back over and spend more than an hour on a bus to meet us at the airport. The bus ride was a failed experiment, so we took a shuttle back to the ferry. Unfortunately, despite the driver’s confidence, we arrived at the ferry just moments too late and had to wait an extra hour.
The obvious use of an extra hour was to grab some lunch, particularly since they hadn’t had a chance to stock the cottage where we were staying. Silly me, I eschewed a quick lunch at Subway in favor of something more leisurely. It wasn’t long before we realized the error and switched our order to a To-Go order.


A view from the ferry


A Kiwi! (sculpture)

A ferry and taxi ride later and we where at a nice, quaint cottage, about half a mile up from a small beach. After a while, we walked down to the beach, where Marci and the girls played in the surf while my parents and I walked the rest of a mile into the small town center to do some shopping and find a spot for dinner. It was a fairly relaxing end to what, for half of us, was a very long day.


The view from our bedroom


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