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New Zealand Trip, Day 6: Wellington to Taupo

As I mentioned previously, this day began with another early morning start to ride a three hour ferry from Picton to Wellington. The ride was uneventful and was a nice change from driving. After that, though: more driving.

I wish I could say that the drive was as uneventful as the ferry ride. Alas:

Is this a Hot Wheels track?


"That's like 35 in Amerkin, right?"

I’m not sure the officer even understood what I was talking about when I lamented the lack of cruise control. Also, I’m completely unclear about what happens if I fail to pay this, not that there’s much chance of that.

Aside from this incident, it was actually a pleasant drive.

Days later, my father used this as a lesson for McKenzie about good intentions not being sufficient (I honestly wasn’t intending to drive that fast). This led to the discovery that she had no idea I’d gotten stopped and cited. She was awake and aware that I got out to take some pictures, but was so distracted by a book or something that she missed the entire exchange with the officer.

Gasp! Did you get a ticket, Daddy?!

In Taupo, we stayed at a hot springs resort, which was a nice, relaxing change from our hurried pace of the last several days. We stayed two nights, so more on that in the next update.


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