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Cinna-Graham Honeycomb

I saw this at the store today and decided to give it a try despite the negative review I had read. After all, it was on sale ($2.19 instead of $3.99) and there was a 50-cent coupon (for any Honeycomb cereal).

I had just gone on a run, so I had some calories to spare and decided to go ahead and have a cup of the cereal as a late snack. I am fairly fond of traditional Honeycomb cereal with it’s sweet corn taste. (Honey, perhaps?) This? Has none of that. What it has is a cinnamon smell and taste. It’s not too bad dry, but as Josie mentioned in the review linked above, adding milk quickly washes most of the flavor away. (Though she mentioned that you’re left with plain Honeycomb, I would instead say that you’re left with something far inferior to plain Honeycomb.)

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the rest of this box. Perhaps I’ll add it to some trail mix or something similar.


Found Memory


As I was leaving the grocery store I saw an employee wheeling a basket full of boxes of candy from one check-out aisle to the next. I suddenly flashed to 1988 or so when I worked at a grocery store (same chain, different store). I have many memories from working there, some of which I think of fairly often. But I had completely forgotten the experience of restocking the candy displays on the check-out aisle. It’s such an odd feeling when a forgotten memory suddenly comes back like that.


The Only Thing To Fear Is A Lie


Last Friday I posted three statements about myself, one of which was false.

1. I have never played any version of Grand Theft Auto though I have owned a version for several years.

True. I received the PS2 version as a gift several years ago and just never got around to playing it. In truth, I haven’t played much else on the PS2 since then either, except for Guitar Hero and Rock Band (various versions of each).


2. I have an admittedly irrational fear of squirrels, stemming from the aggressive lunch-stealing squirrels on the campus of the University of Texas.

False. The bit about the lunch-stealing squirrels is true, but the fear is not. I am not aware of having any phobias. I expected that anyone that new me very well would know this was the lie, which turned out to be the case as the two commenters that have known me for years got it right.


3. When I was a kid I won money playing ping-pong against other kids at church camp. After returning to my grandparents’ house, I had to return the money.

True. As “Senior” (my father) implied in the comments, my parents were not involved in this event. After that post, I discussed it with him and he reminded me that when I had told him about this at the time, I really didn’t understand why the other kids should get their money back. For that matter, I still don’t.


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