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Quilt supplies: T-shirts

Quilt supplies: T-shirts

Finn‘s recent post about clothing with sentimental value had me commenting about the quilts that Marci is planning to make out of our old T-shirts. Originally, she was just going to make a quilt for each of the kids with their old T-shirts that they had outgrown. She recently finished a pair quilts for each of them where they each helped select the material. I should post some pictures of those.

Recently, we were going through our clothes to select what we didn’t want to keep anymore. During this process — or perhaps before, for all I know — Marci decided to make a third quilt with our old T-shirts. As the process continued, however, she determined that the number of shirts really warranted a quilt for each of us. As I mentioned in my comment on Finn’s blog, I think this probably makes more sense for sentimental value anyway.

I’m not a big quilt user, but it seems a better use for the T-shirts than just sitting on a shelf or hanging in the closet. While some of these T-shirts do have sentimental value as is, many are just reminders of times gone by that do not really reach the level of sentiment. But put together in the mosaic of a quilt, I think the whole is likely to be greater than the sum of its parts.

I wonder how long it’s going to take her to make all four quilts — particularly since she travels for work so much and usually works long hours when she’s at home as well. It seems like the previous pair of quilts took many months — years perhaps? — and were definitely done in bursts. Perhaps the girls will do more of the work with these. She’s probably already thinking of that, but I’ll be sure and mention it to her.


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