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50 miles!

As of today’s swim, I have now swum 50 miles (50.77, actually) since I started with the Master Swim program at the beginning of August.

I really need to enter some triathlons next year. I did a few mini-triathlons a few years ago, but have only really done biking events for the last few years. Of course, I’ll need to get more serious about my running if I plan to do more triathlons.

Speaking of biking, Marci and I did the Wurst Ride this past weekend:

For this ride, we usually have my parents bring our kids down to Wurst Fest after the ride and get a ride back to the start with them. This year, however, we had other plans for the evening so we needed an alternate way back to the truck. I eventually realized that the short portion of the ride that we were doing was short enough that riding back to the truck was only a small stretch for me and I decided to do it. Marci rode back part of the way and I picked her up at the last/first rest stop. It worked out well.

I did another ride back at the beginning of October with Travis and his son:

Now it’s becoming winter, so nothing more ’til spring, probably.


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Outlaw Trail 100

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Travis and I did the 100K bike loop of the Outlaw Trail. It was a good ride with nice weather and “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!” afterward. The night before, my parents and my family went to the pre-ride pasta dinner. Little did we know that we would be the opening scene of the promo video. I also found an image of Travis and me at the starting line:

Travis and Ren at the start of the Outlaw Trail bike ride

Travis and Ren at the start of the Outlaw Trail bike ride

Next week, the Wurst Ride followed by Wurst Fest. Yum! They have a pretty cool interactive ride map, and they even let people embed it thusly:

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