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Palm Apps I’d Miss

Now that the iPhone will finally support a decent data speed it is at least tempting, even if it would cost an additional $20/month when compared to my current unlimited data plan on Sprint. The primary temptation is the decent web browser and better resolution.

However, there are several Palm apps that I use regularly that I would need to replace (or learn to live without) before I could really abandon a Palm device — and I’m not inclined to go back to carrying an extra device.

Pocket Quicken
I use this as much for data review as for data entry, perhaps even more so. In fact, it is the ability to review data whenever and wherever I want that I would miss the most.
I don’t use this for much more than scoring these days, so I could probably give it up more easily than I had previously thought.
Ostensibly a shopping list, I use this more often as a packing list and a DVD management list. In the past I’ve used it for all sorts of check lists, with or without priorities and categories. It’s very powerful.
Losing this wouldn’t really be a big deal, but it is nice to see a graph of fuel prices I’ve paid. I also use it for odometer-based maintenance reminders.
This is a very powerful calendar and task management app that I know I would miss. It seems like the iPhone calendar is very limited.

Additionally, I have a number of eBooks that I think may be locked into specific formats for eReader or Mobipocket Reader.

My current contract doesn’t expire until next May so perhaps some of these needs will be filled by then, assuming the iPhone SDK catches on with developers.


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