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Outlaw Trail 100

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Travis and I did the 100K bike loop of the Outlaw Trail. It was a good ride with nice weather and “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!” afterward. The night before, my parents and my family went to the pre-ride pasta dinner. Little did we know that we would be the opening scene of the promo video. I also found an image of Travis and me at the starting line:

Travis and Ren at the start of the Outlaw Trail bike ride

Travis and Ren at the start of the Outlaw Trail bike ride

Next week, the Wurst Ride followed by Wurst Fest. Yum! They have a pretty cool interactive ride map, and they even let people embed it thusly:


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Shiner GASP Results

I rode in the Shiner GASP on Saturday with a couple of friends. My hope was fulfilled as we had a nice wind at our backs for most of the ride. As a result, we made much better time than last year (5:35 instead of 7:15, including stops — which were longer and more frequent last year).

You can see the visual of the GPS data in my Running and Biking map. (These routes used to display at a slower speed, at least in Firefox, but Firefox 3, Safari, and I think IE all display it very quickly. Zooming out and turning off the auto-centering option can make it easier to watch.)

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