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Nickle and Dime

I am cheap. There, I admitted it. There are a few exceptions, and there are certainly quite a few luxuries that we have that might be evidence against this. But it’s certainly present in a number of situations, as some of you could attest.

I’m am sitting here at Main Event while my kids play laser tag. At another venue (Austin’s Park and Pizza), where there is a single entry fee, I would be playing with them. But here at Main Event, you normally have to pay for each activity seperately. This does not go well for me. I cringe at each payment.

To make things worse, starting at 4pm on Mondays, they actually do offer a “buffet”-style price. But by then I will have already paid more than I want and will certainly not want to pay again. Ugh.

We would’ve gone to the other place, but a lot of their stuff is outside and the weather is pretty dreary and chilly today. Plus, they apparently don’t open until 3pm today. Even though the kids are out of school today, it’s still a school night. I wanted today’s activity to be, you know, during the day.

Oh, well, looks like this gets to be one of those oppurtunities to me tire the kids on appreciating what they get even when it’s less than they wanted. We’ll see how that goes. I’ll probably let them choose dinner as a consolation — as long as it’s somewhere fairly cheap, of course!


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