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Hyde Park on Hudson

Hyde-Park-on-HudsonIt’s nice that one of our nearby theater choices is a bit artsy and yet still shows mainstream movies. This leads to a greater opportunity to see a trailer for a movie we might otherwise miss. I think it was when we went to Lincoln that we saw the previews for Hitchcock and Hyde Park on Hudson.

My knowledge of FDR is pretty much restricted to what I was taught in 11th grade history. Or, really, what I remember from of that. In particular, I had no knowledge of the historic events covered in this film. Those events — specifically the first visit US visit by a British monarch — are only the setting for the real story of the movie, which was apparently a fairly well kept secret for many decades.

I found the movie to be interesting and entertaining, if a bit forgettable. I particularly enjoyed Bill Murray’s portrayal of FDR. It was also nice to see Laura Linney in a leading role.

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I recently subscribed to MoviePass, a monthly subscription to unlimited¹ movie theater admissions. For this reason, I’m likely to see more new movies than I used to, which led me to decide to post brief reviews.

I’m arbitrarily restricting this project to movies I see via MoviePass, though I reserve the right to change my mind. (I’m seeing The Hobbit on Saturday without using MoviePass, but assuming I enjoy it, I might see it again with MoviePass.) On with the review!

LincolnMarci and I saw Lincoln about a week ago. I went in without really knowing what the movie was about beyond it’s titular subject. After seeing it, I’ve come to the conclusion that this vagueness is by design. If the title had been “The 13th Amendment” or “The Means Justifies the Ends”, I’m not sure the movie would have had as much appeal.

That’s what it’s about: the struggles, manipulations, lies and extortion that went into getting slavery officially abolished from our fundamental legal document.

It’s not for everyone. I think that enjoyment of the movie is predicated on enjoyment of observing the nitty-gritty ugliness of the political machinery that shapes and reshapes the foundations of our “great experiment”.

I enjoyed every minute.

¹ Actually, there are several limits: only one admission per day, only one admission per movie, ticket must be same-day, you have to be physically at the theater to use the app to enable the purchase, the theater has to accept Discover, 3D and other enhanced viewings aren’t supported

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