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20110518-102052.jpg20110518-102042.jpgHow many pairs of shoes do you have?

I think I have more than average, at least for a guy. Notably, most of them didn’t cost very much, so it’s not like I have thousands of dollars invested in shoes. Even so, quantity must count for something. 🙂

The first picture is of the recently acquired shoe storage hanging on the back of our closet door. Prior to this, some of these were simply piled in a corner of the closet and the rest were stuffed into the shoe storage in the second picture.

In addition to the shoes pictured here, I also have Crocks, golf shoes, golf sandals, water shoes, biking sandals and the high-tops I wear for racquetball. I think there’s also a pair of flip-flops in the truck, but I can’t stand the part that goes between my toes, so I’m not sure why I still have those. And ski boots — how could I forget the ski boots?!

To be fair, one pair of hiking/snow boots are a bit small and I bought another pair to replace them. I haven’t gotten rid of the old ones because they are in such good shape. For that matter, I still have the boots I wore before those. I should probably take both of those to Goodwill.

Oh, I also bought another pair of shoes after taking these pictures.

Totally Unrelated AsideVegas, Baby!

Marci and I are headed to Las Vegas for the weekend in an opportune (she has to be there next week for work) celebration of our 18th anniversary!

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Vegas Trip in Pictures

I actually wrote up part of a trip description, but I just didn’t like it. So I’ve decided to just post a picture summary — which morphed into a Flickr set.

VegasBB Flickr Set



Vegas, Baby!

In about four hours, Wayne and I will be flying to Las Vegas to celebrate our upcoming birthdays (his is this SundaySaturday and mine is next Sunday).

I’m feeling particularly lazy pre-trip, so go read Wayne’s post about our trip. You could even win a copy of BioWare’s Mass Effect for the XBOX 360.

You can follow our escapades on Twitter, or follow the entire VegasBB crew, or just the #VegasBB tweets.

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