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New Zealand Trip, Day 5: Kaikoura

The primary activity for this day was a swim-with-the-dolphins excursion from Kaikoura, a couple of hours north of Christchurch.


Not surprisingly, this turned out to be Brittney’s favourite activity of the entire trip. (She’s also an Anglophile, thus the spelling, so she enjoyed the strong British influence in New Zealand.) McKenzie didn’t enjoy it as much, though her mother coaxed her back in after her first swim — there were five in total — and she seemed to adapt fairly well.

My experience, on the other hand, was a different story. After the second swim, I’d had enough. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I think it was a combination of several factors. First, we were wearing wetsuits as the water was fairly cold and, in retrospect, I believe my jacket was too constrictive. Add to that the high buoyancy created by the wetsuit and my several attempts to dive down (one of the cited methods of attracting the interest of the dolphins) left me a bit out of sorts. Finally, following another cited method, I did a few spins while dolphins swam in circles around me. While this was cool, my tolerance for spinning has never been high and has been decreasing as I age. I sat out the rest of the swims, though I’m not sure that sitting on the boat was much better. Thankfully, I was able to keep my bucket, of which there were plenty, empty.

The rest of the day consisted primarily of completing our drive north to Picton in preparation for an early morning ferry ride back to New Zealand’s north island. We arrived after dark and I turned in the van and walked back to our hotel. What little of Picton I saw during my walk left me regretting that our early morning departure meant we wouldn’t see the charming harbor town at all during the daylight.


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