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Bun Run

Last Sunday, Hershey and I participated in the 30th annual Bun Run 5K. I had recently completed the Couch-to-5K training program and decided that this would be a good opportunity to make use of that training.

I’ve been training with about a 9:00/mile pace, probably a bit slower. Additionally, since completing the C25K plan, I’ve switched over to a Bridge-to-10K plan that starts off with shorter stretches of running, though more of them. (Three 10-minute runs instead of one 30-minute run, for example.) Because of this, I was a little worried that my stamina would have dropped a bit. Therefore, in preparation for the run, I set my target pace as 8:45-9:45/mile.

A key factor I had not considered was that the presence of the other runners would encourage Hershey to run faster. We ended up with an average pace of 8:35/mile, smashing my previous 5K PR (over 30 minutes) with an official chip time of 26:55! (I just now looked it up and was surprised to see it under 27 minutes; my GPS time was 27:16.) I placed 265/1236 overall and 20/62 in my division.

There was an option to have a chip for your dog as well, but I chose not to, as I expect may have been a common choice. From the results, 27 dogs were timed and 6 of them finished faster than Hershey, though only 1 female was faster! Good job, Hershey!


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The lens I ordered last week (Canon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS) arrived yesterday, but I came home too late to really give it a workout. I did take this shot of our dog, Hershey, as a test of the lens’ stabilization.


Handheld, no flash, .3" f/5.6 200mm ISO 1600

As noted in the caption, this was as 3/10 second exposure at focal length of 200mm (on a 1.6x crop factor camera). This image is the jpeg generated from the RAW in Aperture with no color correction or other explicit modifications, though it is resized down for the web and I’m sure Aperture probably applies some sharpening for that.

hershey_stabilized_example_cropHere is a 100% crop of Hershey’s eye. You can see here that the image is not pixel-level sharp, but a significant portion of that can also be attributed to the ISO 1600 that I had to use — obviously, there wasn’t much light to work with.

Still, I am very impressed. On my crop camera, the rule of thumb is that I would need a shutter speed of 1/320 of a second to account for the effective focal length to take such a shot handheld. At 3/10 of a second, this shot was 96 times longer (about 6 1/2 stops). Even though it isn’t perfectly sharp, I think that’s pretty amazing. Of course, this was a single shot rather than a battery of shots, so I could have just gotten lucky.

The girls and I are going to the San Antonio Zoo tomorrow, so I’ll give this lens a real workout then. And it’ll get some interior exercise today at my nephew’s birthday party, though I may be using the flash for most of those shots.

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Hershey - 8 week old Lab/Beagle mix

Marci and the girls brought home a new puppy last night — a female mix between a Chocolate Lab and a Beagle appropriately named “Hershey”. It’s been a while since we had dogs. I expect it to be quite an adjustment.

I took her on a short jog to the mailbox this afternoon and she did a wonderful job staying with me even though we don’t yet have a collar that fits (so she wasn’t on a leash).

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