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Cabling Issues

As I obliquely referenced in the entry about my new TiVo HD, I need to connect the antenna to the incoming cable line in the attic. This means I need to cut the cable and add new connectors to it.

I went to Fry’s yesterday to get some supplies for doing this (a couple of “F” connectors and a coupler, just in case I needed to reconnect the original cut cable). Immediately I ran into difficulty because I couldn’t manage to get the “F” connector installed onto the end of the cable (my suspicion is that the main cable into my house is a larger grade than normal, though it is entirely possible that I am just inept at this work).

While I was struggling with this, my wife, Marci, arrived home and almost immediately asked if I had already cut the cable and thereby disconnected the Internet. Oops. All this time I had never Read the rest of this entry »


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