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Turbo Answers Via Google Suggestions

At this point it’s pretty much become cliché to seek answers to questions via Google. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that I’ve heard (and repeated) the phrase, “if only there were a way” (in response to some out-loud wondering over a piece of information) more times than I can count.

More recently, however, I’ve noticed that for many questions I don’t even have to actually excute the Google search. It’s enough to simply look Google’s search suggestions to find the answer. Now I even make a bit of a game of it wondering how few characters I can type before I get the suggestion that provides the information I want.

Here are some examples I’ve used recently:

How do I spell the name of the actress that played Bob Nehart’s wife in The Bob Nehart Show?

OK, so I had to type quite a bit for that one, but at least it fixed my spelling error.

What’s the name of that girl from that movie? Dang it, I can’t remember either! Oh, she’s in that Cisco commercial…

“cisco com” is pretty good, though the answer is several hits down.

What’s that new Matt Damon movie coming out soon? “Green Mile”? No, that’s not it… “Green” something…

Nice! First hit with only two letters.

I’ve used this feature for “the question” for years, but I seem to be using for “the answer” more and more of late. Maybe they should make a commercial of this…

(I had to switch to the google page because I had already done that search to find the actual video and this altered the suggestions such that even typing just “g” gave “google superbowl ad” as the first hit.)

Of course, the ad isn’t really the same thing as it’s still about the questions rather than the answers. It’s still really good if you haven’t seen it, so here you go: