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Garmin 405: Running Again

cf-lgI bought a Garmin Forerunner 405 today, pretty much on a whim. Well, not completely on a whim as I had commented about it over at a whole four days ago. I had originally intended to get the 405CX, but the 405, with heart rate monitor, was on sale such that instead of the CX only costing an extra $20, it was an extra $100. I couldn’t pass up the sale price, particularly since there’s so little difference between the two models.

One of the main features that led me to purchasing this despite the fact that the Forerunner 201 I already have still works fine is the integration with Garmin Connect (plus the fact that my 201 doesn’t work with my Mac). I’ve added a widget to my blog that shows my last five activities and provides a link to the Garmin Connect page for the activity. On this page you can see graphs and other data from the activity.

Naturally, I had to take the new device out for a spin, so I want for a rare evening run. You can see the details of it here.

Now that I have a new toy, I’m sure I’ll be running a lot more. In addition, we’ve planned this year’s Fredericksburg bike ride for early next month, so we’re going to ramp up our bike riding over the next several weeks. These things should help me with the second half of my weight loss goal (a ticker of my progress is another recently added widget on my blog).