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Django Unchained

DjangoI managed to only know the barest premise about Django Unchained before I saw it, including a complete lack of familiarity with the original Django movie. That’s always a plus for good movies. I used to make a significant effort to avoid watching previews for movies I already knew I was going to see. I’ve stopped that practice but I’ve been contemplating starting it up again.

I’m not sure what to say about Django Unchained that hasn’t already been said better by many others. (I really need to catch up so that my mini-reviews are more timely.) Yes, it’s extremely violent. Yes, it deals with uncomfortable topics in a way that mainstream movies have seemed to avoid for the last few decades. Yes, it is an amazing movie.

I honestly have no complaints about it at all. I’d see it again, though I’m not yet convinced I’d buy it.

If by some chance you haven’t seen it and are not specifically avoiding it for the reasons above, see it. Twice.

I was going to make a comparison to Kill Bill, which I didn’t really like, but now I’m thinking I should really give Kill Bill another viewing. Perhaps I was just in the wrong state of mind to enjoy it at the time.


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