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A Good Day to Die Hard

AGoodDaytoDieHard[I’ve decided to skip my backlog of pending reviews (ten) to be more current. I haven’t decided how I’ll handle this moving forward.]

Our Valentine’s activity consisted of a tasty visit to Hopdoddy’s followed by A Good Day to Die Hard. Somehow, despite my frequent movie attendance of late, I haven’t seen a preview of this movie in quite some time. Thankfully, this allowed me to forget almost everything the preview gave away. I believe this played a huge role in allowing me to appreciate the movie more than average.

To be clear, there are huge problems with this installment of the beloved franchise, not the least of which is the ridiculousness of the lack of institutional response in what is a far cry from a third world city. This bothered me at first, but I was somehow able to suspend disbelief for most of the movie.

I was surprised to discover that it’s been more than five years since <i>Live Free or Die Hard</i>. I have not watched that movie since and, correct or not, I’ve formed a mental impression that the fourth installment was disappointing. This helped to lower my expectations for the fifth installment (notably different than The Fifth Element).

Cutting to the chase, if you’re hoping for a real “Die Hard” experience, you’re likely in for a disappointment. If, instead, you can be satisfied with a half-hearted “John McClane” adventure, complete with the appreciated return of the R-rated language and a nice little Gruber-death homage, then it’s a good day to see a movie.


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