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Browser ABC’s

I don’t typically jump on board blog meme’s, but every once in a while one hits just the right notes to pull me aboard. I saw this one that  B.E. Earl created and decided to give it a go.

His description is, “you type in a letter in the address box of your browser and mark down the first site that pops up in your browser history.  Could be dangerous, could be boring…let’s find out!”

Yes, let’s! (Note, I am using my personal browser on my work system, which doesn’t actually have all that much history.)

A – Google (
B – Blogography
C – Citibank
D – Google (
E – Evanson Asset Management
F – Facebook
G – Google
H – Huffington Post
I – Instapaper
J – JP Morgan
K – kickingbear (read one article there recently, via a link)
L – LeSombre
M – Google (
N – Google (
O – Capital One (
P – Wellness for Life (pvsso… health benefits related)
Q – Quantshare (was looking for investment tracking software)
R – Renagerie
S – some survey site
T – The Daily Show
U – US Inflation Calculator
V – Vonage
W – The Daily Show (www… probably the site I visit via URL the most)
X – no “top hit”, first hit from history is a site explaining Excel’s XIRR function
Y – Your Roth IRA (information resource, not account management)
Z – no “top hit”, first hit from history is a MtG article on a Zombie deck

Hmm… interesting. Or not. By the time I got to “N”, my expectations had been raised to the point that I expected 1/4 of them to be Google. I may do this again from my home system; I’ll just post anything interesting as a comment here as a whole ‘nother post seems ridiculous. 🙂


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BeerHer2010 & ReNYC2010

My weekend, in pictures:

Saturday – BeerHer2010

While walking to my hotel I encountered this wedding procession.

Poppy & Dawg sitting outside The Ginger Man

Poppy, Rachel, B.E. Earl and Robin at the Ginger Man

Ginger Man chalkboard art

More BeerHer2010 pictures from The Ginger Man, as well as from ayza wine and chocolate bar, are available as a photo album.

Sunday – ReNYC2010

My nod to TequilaCon

The Grand Central Station clock

Strolling through Central Park in a light rain

One of my favorite flower pics ever. Click through twice for full size.

One of many butterfly shots I took (see album for more)

Watching the watcher

Another notch in my Hard Rock belt

Feed the Dawg!

More ReNYC2010 pictures from Grand Central Station, Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History and the Hard Rock Cafe at Yankee Stadium are available as a photo album.

I had so much fun and can’t wait for my next trips — back to NYC as well as anywhere else!

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