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Hill Country Family Triathlon

On Saturday we participated in the Hill Country Triathlon. This was primarily a kids’ event with an optional parents’ mini-tri at the end. Along with our family, our friends Chance and Dax also participated (their first tri!). For Marci and me, this was a nice follow-up to last week’s triathlon, as it was appreciably shorter — 200m swim, 5mi bike, 2km run.

The girls both made significant improvements to the times they had in the Firecracker Triathlon earlier this month. Brittney improved by 3:45 and McKenzie by 4:38. I was happy with my times, though I don’t really have anything to which I can compare them. Certainly I maintained a faster pace for these shorter distances. Results are available for individuals as well as for the parent/child teams.

Our group of participants

First row: Marci and Ren
Second row: McKenzie, Dax, Chance and Brittney

More pictures from the event…


My First Triathlon

I participated in my first triathlon this past Sunday. It was a Couples Triathlon with a sprint distance (800m swim, 11.2mi bike, 5km run) which is all I’m really up for anytime soon. Marci and I teamed up for this as did Travis and Susie.

Here are my results:

overall rank total time swim rank swim time transition_1 time bike rank bike time transition_2 time run rank run time
557 1:47:42 608 24:28 03:52 478 41:40 02:02 564 35:37

We have a family triathlon this Saturday. It’s really for the kids, but they allow for teams of one kid and one parent. The parents compete after the kids are finished and then the times are added together (also true in the couples triathlon). This one is appreciably shorter:

Juniors (5-6) Swim 25 meters/Bike 2.5 mile /Run 0.6 mile
Seniors (7-10) Swim 100 meters/Bike 2.5 mile /Run 0.6 mile
Seniors (11-15) Swim 200 meters/Bike 5.1 mile /Run 1.2 mile
Parents Swim 200 meters/Bike 5.1 mile /Run 1.2 mile

Edit: Fixed spelling error called out by Wayne.


Kids Firecracker Triathlon

Brittney and McKenzie participated in the Firecracker Triathlon on Independence Day. This was their first Triathlon and they endured it pretty well — better than the practice run we did on Saturday. They competed in different age groups, but for the same distance, so there are both separate (by age and gender) rankings and combined rankings.

Brittney’s Group Results
McKenzie’s Group Results


Finally ran again

It wasn’t my first run of the year but it was my first morning run. I ran with Travis a couple of weeks ago in lieu of racquetball. That run was tough, since I hadn’t run in about two months and we did (I think, no GPS) about four miles. This morning I only ran just under three miles, but I’m not sure that it wasn’t even more difficult for me. I’m mostly just glad that I managed to get up and run.

I hope that I can get back into a more regular routine of running. Time will tell….

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Not-so-full moon

On Monday morning I started my run a bit earlier than normal. About a quarter of the way into it I glanced at the (full) moon and noticed that it was flat on the left side. My immediate thought was that it was a partial eclipse and I was surprised that I hadn’t heard that it was going to happen. But it was still pretty dark so I considered that it might just be a cloud — it didn’t really look like any lunar eclipse I recall as the edge of the shadow appeared to be a straight line.

I continued my run which proceeded away from the moon. After a few minutes I looked back at the moon and the shadow was still there, so I was convinced that it was not a cloud and really was a partial eclipse. As I continued my run, the sky continued to brighten with morning light as the moon got closer and closer to the horizon. I hoped that I would get home in time to have the girls come out and see the eclipse before the moon was obscured by houses and trees.

I made it, if just barely, but I’m not sure that the girls were particularly impressed. I’ll have to ask them about it now that some time has passed.

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Hairy Man 5K

After being fairly lazy this week and only running on Wednesday, I ran the first annual Hairy Man 5K this morning in 27:50. Afterward, we all (Marci, Brittney, McKenzie and I) ran the kids 1K.

As I’ve written before, I have maps of this and other runs online.

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A running weekend

The girls and I ran in their Run with the Angels on Saturday. McKenzie did well, though I think she did better last year. Brittney didn’t like to run by herself, and apparently all of her friends “run too fast” for her. Maybe next year I’ll arrange for the girls to run at the same time — assuming McKenzie is willing to stay with her sister. Pictures of the girls in their runs are up at 10 01 Run with the Angels.

This was my first year to run in this (or any other) event. It was quite warm at 11am and I had trouble maintaining the pace I had hoped. In the end, I believe I came up a lap short of my 14-lap goal (in the 30 minutes that the run lasts), but my Forerunner indicated that I had completed 3.5 miles — it continually indicated that the laps were longer than a quarter-mile. Grampy took some pictures of me while I was running (as well as of the girls) but they are not up yet.

On Sunday, I ran my first 10K at the IBM Uptown Classic. That’s almost a mile longer than my previous longest run, so my main concern was finishing without walking. I met up with Travis just before the run started and we ran together for the first four miles. Along the way, we saw Susie and joined up with my coworker Brian for a little while (he was doing the 5K Fun Run). In the end, I was quite happy with my time — 1:04:39. I was also happy that I managed to get up and run this morning after those two weekend runs.


After three weeks…

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I find that I am hesitant to write about what seem to me to be fairly mundane events and at the same time, I am also hesitant to write about some types of personal events — such as when Marci is traveling and such.

The girls and I are going to run in their school’s (3rd?) annual Run with the Angels this Saturday. It is a 30-minute run on a track. We are also planning to participate in the IBM Uptown Classic on Sunday. I am planning to run the 10K and then run with the girls in the Kids’ Fun Run which is apparently about 1K.

In other news, at my Dad’s request I have enhanced the Web Album software to support sorting images by the date the picture was taken. This is useful in several scenarios but also relies on the image retaining the original camera encoding information — which can be lost if the image is edited and care is not taken to preserve this data.

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My runs plotted on Google Maps

I’ve been meaning to blog this for a while, but I wanted to get a few technical details cleaned up first — which Travis accidentally motivated me to do on Tuesday — and afterward I kept getting side-tracked.

Ren’s Runs

Please note that I did not write this from scratch, just modified it to support dynamic loading of different data sets and a few other changes.

What do you think?


New shoes

I finally went by RunTex and got some actual honest-to-goodness running shoes. I haven’t run with them yet (just got them today at lunch) — it will probably be Wednesday when I do.

I did run yesterday and today. Yesterday (in Houston) I ran 2.73 miles at 9:58/mile. I didn’t get started until after 8:30, so it was pretty warm and quite humid. When I ran this morning at about 7:00 back in Austin, it was much more comfortable (cooler and a little drier). I ostensibly did 3.15 miles at 8:53/mile, but I think there were some GPS glitches that gave me more distance than I actually ran. In fact, I ran almost the same route on Friday (one extra short turn-around on Friday, in fact) and it was only 3.08 miles, though I think the GPS actually missed a bit of that run. In any event, today’s total time was about four minutes less than Friday’s, and the extra bit on Friday was probably no more than a minute, so I certainly ran faster today.

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