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March Fitness Distance

10.63 miles biking, 15.23 miles running, 6.64 miles swimming

Biking: 10.63 miles
Running: 15.23 miles
Swimming: 6.64 miles

All distances were lower in March due to Spring Break hiatus.

Cumulative for the year as of March:


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February Fitness Distance

15.65 miles swimming, 27.95 miles running, 59.43 miles biking

Bike: 59.43 miles
Run: 27.95 miles
Swim: 15.65 miles

Skipping a week of biking helped to keep the scale from being too problematic; it’s still a potential issue for the future.

Here is the cumulative graph for the year, which will run into scale issues even more quickly:

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January Fitness Distance

Run 15.88, Swim 12.68, Bike 20.83

In case you aren’t seeing the image of the graph, or its alt text, my January totals were:

Bike: 20.83 miles
Run: 15.88 miles
Swim: 12.68 miles

Swimming very nearly caught up with running when I skipped a week of running. Of course, this was only because I didn’t start running as early as I started swimming this year. Only one bike ride in January and it still overtook the other two. I may have to figure out a different scale for the future.


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