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I recently installed Gallery2 on my server and imported all of my images from my existing album software (Apache::Album). There are many things I like about the new software, but there are also things I miss from my old software. One of the big things that I am looking forward to is importing all of the tags I have created in KPhotoAlbum so that the search functionality is more useful (though it is already useful).



A brief batch of thunderstorms rolled through last night (and was apparently pretty isolated) that created some hail at the house for a few minutes. A while later (perhaps half an hour), Marci called and I told her about the hail. She wondered how some of her plants fared, so I went to the back deck. I was immediately distracted from checking on her plants when I saw how much hail had collected on the deck (and was still there).

I took some pictures of the deck with hail on it.

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2006 Ski Trip: Best. Day. Ever.

Hildebrand and Maddox FamiliesWoo-hoo! Amazing weather today, combined with tons of snow on the ground from the previous days of snow, amounted to some really fine skiing. Of course, the crowds were even worse than yesterday (I even heard that it was a record attendance day for Wolf Creek), but there was really only one lift line where we seemed to wait an inordinately long time (perhaps 45 mintues — yikes!). Most of the time I would say we waited 20 minutes or less. Well, not counting the lunch line, which was also a good 45 minute wait.

For much of today I was skiing with McKenzie and Chance, while Dax was with Susie and Brittney, Marci and Travis were together. Those last three attempted to get over to the other side of the mountain (as Travis and I did yesterday), but ended up on an ungroomed trail where the powder eventually became too deep to continue. Their only choice was to proceed down a double-black-diamond run. Travis has some pictures of their adventure, which I’m told had them quite warm by the end of it. Later, Travis took Chance down a similar run, though I didn’t quite catch the details of that.

Everyone had a grand time. Too bad we have to drive home tomorrow. I certainly look forward to more skiing next season. Perhaps we can get a larger group to go….

Pictures are up: 03_12-15_Ski_Trip_to_Wolf_Creek_Colorado

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2006 Ski Trip: On our way

After getting a late (and slow) start, we’re finally on our way to Wolf Creek, Colorado for some skiing!  The girls had their annual Sound in Motion event at school from 2:00 to 3:00, and we had some other issues that came up that kept us from really getting going until nearly 3:30. All things considered though, it worked out OK.  After taking a relatively long McDonald’s stop, we were only about 45-50 minutes later to arrive at our hotel in Dumas.

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KimDaBa (KPhotoAlbum)

I’ve started going through my pictures and assigning them to various categories (including who is in the picture). It’s pretty time consuming given how many pictures I have (over 20,000), but I’ve gotten through almost a third of them (did a bunch over the weekend).

Being able to quickly search through all of the pictures based on the various categories is very nice. However, as I go through more and more pictures, I keep coming up with new categories that I want to use, which means I’ll want to go back through some of the pictures I’ve already done. Often, I can use the existing categories to narrow down the selection of pictures to make adding the new categories easier.

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San Antonio Zoo

The girls were out of school on MLK day so I took the day off and we went to the San Antonio Zoo. I think the girls are just about the perfect age for the zoo — old enough to understand and young enough to really enjoy it.

Feeding LoriesI asked Brittney what her favorite part was and she said it was feeding the Lories (and I expect McKenzie would probably agree). In fact, I enjoyed that part as well.Self-portrait with Lory But I think my favorite part was watching an elephant figure out how to break a stick. It started out holding the stick with its trunk and trying to step on it, but the stick was a bit short for that to work. Next, it kept standing on the stick with one foot and tried to push it sideways with the other foot. This didn’t work either. Finally, it leaned the stick up against a large tire and stepped on it: SNAP!

More pictures are available at 01_16_San_Antonio_Zoo.

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UT Tower #1

We took the girls down to the UT Campus and took some pictures of them in front of the Tower. First, we had to brave the crowd at the Co-op to buy them some (and me some more) UT National Championship shirts and other paraphenalia. It was envigorating just feeling the energy of all the people both at the Co-op and on campus.

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Phil & Jean are married!

Jean & PhilWe drove down to San Antonio on Saturday to attend Phil and Jean’s wedding. The reception was outside (next to the zoo) and the weather was very cooperative. A good time was had by all. My pictures are up at 10 08 Phil and Jean’s Wedding.

On Sunday, I played golf at the La Cantera Palmer Course with Charles and Nancy. It is a very nice course and again the weather was perfect. My golf game, on the other hand, was far from perfect, though I did manage to get two birdies.

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A running weekend

The girls and I ran in their Run with the Angels on Saturday. McKenzie did well, though I think she did better last year. Brittney didn’t like to run by herself, and apparently all of her friends “run too fast” for her. Maybe next year I’ll arrange for the girls to run at the same time — assuming McKenzie is willing to stay with her sister. Pictures of the girls in their runs are up at 10 01 Run with the Angels.

This was my first year to run in this (or any other) event. It was quite warm at 11am and I had trouble maintaining the pace I had hoped. In the end, I believe I came up a lap short of my 14-lap goal (in the 30 minutes that the run lasts), but my Forerunner indicated that I had completed 3.5 miles — it continually indicated that the laps were longer than a quarter-mile. Grampy took some pictures of me while I was running (as well as of the girls) but they are not up yet.

On Sunday, I ran my first 10K at the IBM Uptown Classic. That’s almost a mile longer than my previous longest run, so my main concern was finishing without walking. I met up with Travis just before the run started and we ran together for the first four miles. Along the way, we saw Susie and joined up with my coworker Brian for a little while (he was doing the 5K Fun Run). In the end, I was quite happy with my time — 1:04:39. I was also happy that I managed to get up and run this morning after those two weekend runs.


One… Two… Three!

Brittney's tooth-shy grin...Brittney lost a tooth (her third) about three or four weeks ago. That one, along with two others, had been loose for a while. Last night, while Marci was helping her floss, one of the other two was getting really close to coming out. None of us could get a good enough grip on it to get it out, though. Marci was concerned that it might come out during the night, but I said that it didn’t seem likely. A short time later, Brittney pulled it out — she discovered that she could twist it, and that eventually took care of it, of course.

Apparently, she liked that method so much, that she used it on the next tooth during the day today (at cheer leading camp). She came home missing the typical “two front teeth” as well as the bottom-right incisor that she had lost a month earlier.

(More pictures at 08_10_Brittney_Minus_3_Teeth)

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