Moab, UT – Arches National Park

Ever since I started spending most of the summer in Colorado two years ago, I’ve been thinking I should take the opportunity to visit Moab. Additionally, given the relative proximity to SLC, I thought it might be a good way to meet up with my friend Marty. This year, I finally got around to broaching the subject with Marty and it turned out that he already had a plan to be in Moab one weekend with his daughter and I was welcome to join. Great! It also happened to be one of the weekends during Marci’s much shorter Colorado stay this year, so she was able to make the trip with me.

It was good to see Marty again (for the fourth time if my count is correct) and to meet his daughter. We had a nice dinner and then spent the morning at Arhces National Park. Below are some photo highlights.

Interesting cloud waves

Marci under Delicate Arch

Ren under Delicate Arch

Ren pushing Delicate Arch

Balanced (Balancing?) Rock

Double Arches

  1. #1 by martymankins on July 20, 2016 - 6:44 pm

    Awesome pics. And yes, it was great to meet up with you and Marci in Moab. I didn’t realize you hadn’t been before so when you told me it was your first time there, Delicate Arch was a priority to visit first. And I am sure this was our 4th in person visit.


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