Rise of the Guardians

51oUxzZzmBLIt had been some time since we saw a movie as a family, mostly because Brittney had been going through a phase of disdain for American-produced animated movies. Despite this, she was excited to see Rise of the Guardians. Unfortunately, some odd timing led to Marci and McKenzie seeing it at one theater in the morning while Brittney and I saw it a bit later at a different theater.

All of us enjoyed the movie, though it did require a fair amount of glossing over some obvious story problems. The action and suspense are well done and the characters are relatively sympathetic with nice dashes of humor.

I use the Run-Pee app to check if there is any reason to stay after the credits and this movie is one of those where that paid off. Brittney and I were trying to tell people to stay, but the wait was pretty long and most people left. Even Marci and McKenzie missed the bonus scene in their viewing. Nothing really significant happens, but it’s entertaining enough to justify the wait.

After the movie, Brittney declared that she had regained her interest in this type of movie and now she wants to see Wreck-It-Ralph.

This post is part of my series of mini-reviews of movies I’ve seen via MoviePass. This is post is not sponsored in any way and I’m simply using the fact that I’m paying for a MoviePass subscription as extra motivation to write these reviews.


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