On the day I signed up for MoviePass, Marci wanted to go see Flight, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay for a movie after having just paid for a subscription (and I wouldn’t be able to use the MoviePass until the card arrived in the mail). She went ahead and saw it that night, so I saw it later on my own.

I find that this is a difficult movie to review, particularly without giving spoilers. I felt like the movie was very well done on most counts, including pacing, acting and visuals. Overall, I enjoyed it, though I felt that the ending was missing just a bit of punch.

Well, that’s certainly a mini review!

This post is part of my series of mini-reviews of movies I’ve seen via MoviePass. This is post is not sponsored in any way and I’m simply using the fact that I’m paying for a MoviePass subscription as extra motivation to write these reviews.


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