Image Color Issues

I took some pictures today explicitly for my photo blog. I really only ended up with one that I liked, and I’ve scheduled it to be this Saturday’s picture. It has some red in it that, in my opinion, really makes the image. When I looked at the preview of the post, the red was so muted as to almost be missing entirely. I opened up a preview of the “exported-for-web” version that I had used in the post, and the color was fine. Odd. At this point I was also reminded that one of my favorite images, polished chain, did not seem as red as I had remembered.

I decided that it must be the scaling algorithm used by the blog software to down-sample from the “exported-for-web” size I am using (1024×1024 max) to the blog size (800×700 max). I went back and re-exported all of the images at the blog size and re-uploaded them. Fixed!

Here are the before and after of polished chain:





Upon looking at this, I expect that the source of the problem is that the resize operation done by the blog software is removing too much sharpness.

As I updated the images, I compared each of them and I found that I liked almost every one better after being replaced. So, if you’ve already looked through all of them (the eighth one posts tonight), I’d love it if you took another look. Without a side-by-side comparison, the change may not be obvious, but I think some of them are enough better that it could be the difference between “okay” and “nice!”



  1. #1 by whall on January 15, 2009 - 2:30 am

    I red like your red photo red blog a red lot but red I should red say red that red I’m not big red on red photoblogs in red general.

    Good red job!


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