Just a bit off the top…

Back around Christmas time I decided to skip my irregularly scheduled — but fairly frequent — hair cut and let my hair grow out for a while. It has been many years since my hair has been more than a couple of inches long. Very soon after that, I also decided that I would let it grow out until after our spring break ski trip, at which point I would shave my head.

Now, I usually get my hair cut fairly short (a “2” on the clippers) and I got it particularly short a summer or two ago (a “1”), but I’ve never “gone all the way” with the clippers and certainly never taken a razor to it — until now.

Below are some before and after pictures — there are more in the album. Please excuse the quality of the profiles in particular — it’s amazingly difficult to hand-hold a profile shot of yourself, and they looked reasonably good on-camera.


Before shaving head -- front Before shaving head -- side


After shaving head -- front After shaving head -- side

I like it, but a week later I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it shaved (I haven’t so far and it’s pretty close to “1” length already).


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