Snow Bird

Our Spring Break trip this year is a ski trip to Snow Bird, Utah. Just the four of us this time and we flew for once. We’re staying for the whole week and skiing for four days. We flew in late Friday night and then spent Saturday sleeping in, renting skis, exploring and swimming. It was snowing pretty much all day but the forecast for Sunday and Monday is clear.

We spent today (Sunday) skiing in sunny weather though we cut the day a bit short because Brittney tweaked her knee a bit and was having trouble skiing on it. It doesn’t look swollen or anything so I think it will probably be fine for tomorrow. This is a much bigger mountain than we’ve been on in quite a while with a large variety of runs. One of the girls’ favorite features is that there is a ski tunnel through the mountain. It’s about 200 yards long and you just ski onto a moving belt and it carries you to the other end. There’s music playing and a few monitors along the way.

On Tuesday we are taking a day off from skiing and we have booked a two-hour snowmobile ride and we may try some night skiing that evening. This place is really nice and though they are fully booked the mountain is not very crowded. It may be because there are some conferences going on, so perhaps the number of skiers is less than it might otherwise be. I could definitely see coming back her again, though probably not next year — it’s a bit pricey for us to do every year I think. Of course, that’s partly because we’re staying the whole week….



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