UPS Interruptus

Well, it’s taken a number of months but the battery in the UPS for my Windows box has finally deteriated to the point that it can no longer power the system. I used to have other devices plugged into it and have been removing them over time as the UPS could no longer handle the load. Addmitedly, I was probably over-taxing it at first — 2.8 GHz P4, 19 in. CRT, HP 1600 Color LaserJet all on a 350 VA UPS.

I went to the APC web site to check for a battery replacement. They had it for $27+tax, plus $7 shipping. They also offered a trade-up program that purported to let you get up to twice the VA at up to a 35% discount. However, most of the reasonable replacements seemed to have little or no discount. Replacing it with the new version of the same model was $39+ts and moving up to 550VA was $56+ts.

I ended up picking up a new 550VA UPS at Fry’s for $70+t. I was going to get one for $60, but I liked the layout of the more expensive one better (lights and button on the side opposite of the power cable). Both were specifically not APC — Belkin instead — though Fry’s had the 550VA APC for $60 as well.

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  1. #1 by Wayne on January 3, 2008 - 12:10 pm

    The title almost makes it sound like it should be pronounced “you-PEE-us interruptus” which is what happens when someone walks in on you in the bathroom.

    We’re using the 375VA UPS’s at work for fronting a generator for some of our more important workstations. The generator cuts on and delivers clean power within 10 seconds, but it’s still a 10 second hit. So we just need the standalone UPS’s to hold it for a short burst.

    Beats spending $50k on a new BIG 40KVA UPS. Just buy 30-40 of these little ones for the workstations and we’re good.


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