Burnet Tri-Hard

On Sunday, Marci and I participated in the 10th Annual Burnet TRI-Hard Challenge. This was another sprint distance triathlon, though with a longer bike portion (17-18mi). I hadn’t practiced or trained enough for this one, so it was really just a “finish-it” goal for me — and pretty much for Marci as well.

overall rank total time swim rank swim time bike rank bike time transition_2 time run rank run time
193 2:09:12.2 185 30:31.1 154 1:02:38.6 02:02 189 33:56.6

I’m not sure why they didn’t log transition_1, but based on my GPS data, I think it must be included in with the swim. I’m actually quite satisfied with my bike and run times, and even my swim time given that I hadn’t swum at all since the last triathlon.

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